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J. Valdi

J. Valdi

J. Valdi has a variety of fun and stylish beach dresses, skirts, and tunics. Their easy fit cover-ups go perfectly with all kinds of swimwear! Designed in Southern California for over 20 years J. Valdi has a true passion for the beach lifestyle and resort wear fashion. Inspired by the California coastline and beautiful destinations across the globe, J. Valdi creates fashion-forward, high-quality beachwear with luxurious fabrics and flattering silhouettes. Their mission is to make every woman feel confident, sexy and comfortable from the waters edge to a street side café. No matter where your destination is they've got you covered.

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J. Valdi Wovens Tunic Cover Up White

Regular Price: $49.00

Special Price $29.40

J. Valdi ZZ Ring Tank Dress Cover Up Black and White

Regular Price: $54.00

Special Price $32.40


3 Item(s)

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